235 Days to Go: Comparative Religion

My wife and I are have started watching Community from the very simple and enduring beginning. I believe we've seen almost all of Seasons 1-4 but have more than a few gaps in Season 5. Season 6, a Yahoo-produced venture that really just smacks of the company vying hard for indie-cred among an unimpressed audience. (Remember when they bought Tumblr? Good times.)

Anyway, last night was the series' first "Christmas" episode, "Comparative Religion." "Christmas" is in quotes because...well, that's the whole premise of the episode. The Dean is trying so hard to make "Christmas" unoffensive and non-denominational that is ends up insulting everyone...in the most hilarious of ways, of course. Shirley does the same, only her Christmas spirit runs so hard and high that she is unwilling to believe that she can tolerate other religions and faiths. 

Get it? It's a spoof on the whole faux-"War On Christmas" phenomenon. Oh, and Anthony Michael Hall is in it playing a meathead bully.

I won't lie. After the episode wrapped I felt a dose of Christmas spirit in my cold, tiny heart.  

Welcome Mr. Winter -- "Sup?"

Welcome Mr. Winter -- "Sup?"