237 Days To Go: Guaraldi, Dylan, and Brown

Two hundred thirty seven days until Christmas. More than 1/3 left; not quite half. 

I loaded up on Christmas music CDs last November/December and some of them are still riding around in my car. I'm pretty certain I always keep a copy of Vince Guaraldi Trio's A Charlie Brown Christmas with me at all times but I also have a copy of James Brown's Soulful Christmas and Bob Dylan's Christmas In the Heart. The Dylan album is the deluxe edition that comes with five or six Christmas cards and envelopes. (Because nothing says "Merry Christmas!" quite like a Bob Dylan album cover.) The James Brown album is not what I would call deluxe. By any means. 

I'm pretty certain that the James Brown album is just a tossed together collection of some of his Christmas songs in a horrendous looking CD jewel case. There is little to no sequencing of the tracks and it was manufactured by some label called Icon. 

In a lot of ways, it cheapens James Brown's Christmas merriment and it clearly was just slapped together for a quick Christmas dollar. But, in other ways, it is damn near impossible to cheapen anything James Brown does. That's how deep his Christmas soul is. Say it loud, his Santa Claus is black and proud. 

James Brown loves you...all good cheer:  Soulful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good God.

James Brown loves you...all good cheer: Soulful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good God.