The Guitar: Will Oldham Interviews Sir Richard Bishop

I read and listen to most anything Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy) puts his name to, and this interview was no different. From the Oxford American (one of the best print magazines published today), Oldham speaks to Bishop about his newest acquisition: a travel guitar with mystical qualities. Sir Richard Bishop was unknown to me, but his latest album, but his latest album, The Tangier Sessions, is out on Drag City

Sir Richard Bishop, "Bound in Morocco"

Interview @ Stereo Subversion :: Chris Schlarb

Always enjoy speaking with Mr. Chris Schlarb--especially when he puts out another stellar album, which he is wont to do almost all the time. Read the full interview here. 

Photo courtesy of Chris Schlarb's website

Photo courtesy of Chris Schlarb's website

Chris Schlarb's very excellent new LP, Making the Saint, is available at his website, at Bandcamp, and at Asthmatic Kitty Records. You can also listen over at SoundCloud.