236 Days To Go: Jesu, "Christmas EP"

I never will become tired of discovering bands that recorded some Christmas-related song, album, or special. Why, just this morning I uncovered a gem from Jesu, appropriately titled, "Christmas EP." I suppose one should differentiate from all of the Easter-themed albums and songs that flood the market every April.

Jesu, possibly the heaviest of the Justin Broadrick slowcore/post-metal band lineage, is the exact outlet that would produce a Christmas-related song without prompting. I hesitate to call Jesu a band since basically it is Broadrick's songs with some auxiliary players tossed in for good measure. But, regardless of the personnel involved, Jesu's idyllic fuzz bliss and weighty aural experiences fit into the bleak mid-Winter pattern of low, slow, snow and holidays that an abnormal amount of "post-post/metal/rock/punk" bands are attracted to. Perhaps this topic deserves some additional discussion and research? 

Anyway, here it is in all of it's sad and doom-laden glory available on Bandcamp. 

Christmas EP  by Jesu with cover design by J.J. Abrams (not really though)

Christmas EP by Jesu with cover design by J.J. Abrams (not really though)