Matt Pond - Free Album // Silence is Still Overrated

Matt Pond, as part of his Pledge Music campaign, is giving away a free album via Noisetrade, Skeletons and Friends. His new album, The State of Gold, is due this summer. It's always a treat to see him and speak with him, so be sure to catch him out on the road celebrating the 10th anniversary of of Emblems. (Talk to him about the Coen Brothers if you see him. He loves that. )

Matt Pond, Skeletons and Friends -- 2014

Matt Pond, Skeletons and Friends -- 2014

In less interesting news, Silence is Overrated--this here blog you're reading--is back after a year-long hiatus. New platform (Squarespace), new look (not really), and some other new metaphors that I can't really think of right now. He's a bulleted list of what's happened since you've been gone:

-Lots more interviews and reviews for Stereo Subversion and PopMatters

-KGB Lit Bar and Journal was nice enough to let me write for them (Thanks, Ian!

-My 33 1/3 book proposal for The National, Alligator was rejected. So I'll be posting some of it here. 

-I still have an unabashed love for Coldplay and Spice Girls

Not much has changed, so welcome back and thanks for reading.