15 Albums for December :: Day 2, Radiohead, Kid A

I have albums that I know will come out at least once a year, in December. I may gear them up for listening before that, but when December hits, they stay in heavy rotation. Something about them always conjures up feelings of colder temperatures, loneliness and isolation, and a nostalgic mixture of a festive holiday season coupled with happy memories. These albums document my experiences in December. Enjoy.

Radiohead, Kid A
(Capitol, October, 2000)
Kid A is the definition of sterile. It's cold, unwelcoming at times, abrasive in its neutrality, and utterly bleak in its context. But, it's also really fucking good. There's so much about Kid A that's already been tread and retread that I won't waste time here going over what everyone already knows. (But I will say that Marvin Lin wrote a phenomenal 33 1/3 Series book about Kid A.) Instead, here are some randomly collected thoughts inspired by Kid A:

-Discovering the creepy booklet behind the CD holder may have been the coolest experience I've had with a CD
-Like Marvin Lin, I, too, fell asleep during my first listen to Kid A
-Listening to "Treefingers" in stereo surround sound is frighteningly beautiful 
-Often I walk around the house putting away toys, books, etc, thinking "everything in its right place"--it makes me feel like a machine
-Kid A is the only album expressly about global warming
-Kid A was released in October 2000; it is eerie how much it foreshadows our national decline
-Nothing about Kid A seems out of place, even 12 years later
-I have never listened to this album in my car, only in my home or on headphones
-I have never skipped a track on this album
-I have never stopped this album before it was over
-I have never
-I have