Interview :: We Were Promised Jetpacks

One of these days, I'm gonna have all the time in the world to blog to my heart's content...but it won't be any time soon. So, in the meantime, here is my latest interview at Stereo Subversion with the Scottish group, We Were Promised Jetpacks. Click on the image to read the interview.

These Four Walls
We Were Promised Jetpacks, These Four Walls
Fat Cat Records, 2009

Also, my latest disc review of Sian Alice Group, Troubled, Shaken, Etc. can be read by clicking the image below:
Troubled, Shaken Etc.

Sian Alice Group, Troubled, Shaken, Etc.
The Social Registry, 2009

PS--I really am starting to hate Blogger...

PPS--Congrats to my homeys in B'ton! Together we are all fans of Chickenfoot!