Shameless Plug #1 :: Vox Music Player

If you're like me, then iTunes is just kind of the music player you deal with because you own a MacBook. But friends, there is another option that I prefer: the Vox Music Player. Everything about this, so far, makes me want to take it for an autumn walk on the pier and propose to it on bended knee. Straight from a company called Coppetino, Inc, this player is my go to for all things music on my laptop. Now, it's available as a direct download from the site: grab it here

Tell me what you think about it in the comments. It integrates with Soundcloud and, and plays formats like FLAC and WAV that are, of course, not supported by Apple. But, if you can't quite let go of your abusive relationship with iTunes, it syncs with your iTunes library. 

Let me know what you think in the comments. Happy listening. 

The Vox Music player from Coppertino, Inc. 

The Vox Music player from Coppertino, Inc. 

Interview @ PopMatters :: JohnnySwim

Abner Ramirez and Amber Sudano are two of the loveliest people I've had the pleasure of speaking with. Their band Johnnyswim is equal parts soul, country, folk, pop, and rock and I love it. I love them, too. 

I was lucky enough to speak with the husband and wife duo a few months ago. The interview then ran on PopMatters. Read it here and go purchase their new album, Diamonds. Also, as if that weren't enough, they have a new Christmas EP coming out in November. Two of my favorite things: Johnnyswim and Christmas music. 

Abner Ramirez and Amber Sudano are Johnnyswim

Abner Ramirez and Amber Sudano are Johnnyswim

Deep Tracks from the Interpol Discopgraphy :: A "List This!" Feature for PopMatters

Interpol just released their fifth LP, El Pintor, this past Tuesday. To coincide with that release, I have a published list on PopMatters that takes a look back at some of the lesser-known tracks from the band's first four LPs: Turn On the Bright Lights, Antics, Our Love to Admire, and Interpol, respectively. Feel free to read the list here and drop me a note with your favorite Interpol track in the comments section. 

Haven't reconciled with El Pintor, yet. It's starting to appeal to me a bit more. But, as evidenced from my list, I like my Interpol to be weird and subtle. Thanks all for reading. 

Interview @ Stereo Subversion :: Chris Schlarb

Always enjoy speaking with Mr. Chris Schlarb--especially when he puts out another stellar album, which he is wont to do almost all the time. Read the full interview here. 

Photo courtesy of Chris Schlarb's website

Photo courtesy of Chris Schlarb's website

Chris Schlarb's very excellent new LP, Making the Saint, is available at his website, at Bandcamp, and at Asthmatic Kitty Records. You can also listen over at SoundCloud. 

Blue Note Records - A "List This!" Feature for PopMatters

Recently wrote a feature for PopMatters about the Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl initiative. In short, Blue Note is releasing a trove of its albums at the rate of five a month for the next two years. I compiled a list of ten albums that I thought would make a great introduction to Blue Note and their extensive catalog. Read the entire list here and feel free to drop some knowledge on me in the comments.